Thursday, 29 March 2007

The bike is finished

At last, I've finally got the bike finished. All the parts have arrived, and I can finally get some training in on my fully loaded up bike. It's not as heavy as it looks!

(click on picture for an enormous version)

Just a few shots from my weekly jaunt into town with my dad.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

A progress update...

Well, I've got the application for a passport, looked into travel insurance and visas. Also, my Brooks seat and tubus rear rack are attached, and the bike is looking fantastic. Unfortunately, the day after I got these upgrades, I also acquired a nasty chest infection. Go figure.

I'll post a picture of my cycle route as soon as I can find a good map...

Sunday, 18 March 2007

My shiny new bike

Here's the bike, my pride and joy. So far the biggest monetary investment I have made in my life so far. The bike is incomplete at the moment, though the parts are on order. It doesn't have the front rack, lights, panniers, and Brooks seat.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Progress so far...

The initial idea for a trip to Europe came to me about three years ago, as I wasted another day behind the counter at the video store I worked in. A fellow employee was reciting all sorts of stories and anecdotes regarding her travels throughout the world, and a flash of inspiration caught me. "Wait...I can do that!", and "Who needs University and a career! (just kidding)".

Well, since that life-changing moment, my plans have altered slightly. I no longer desired to do the traditional "Aussie backpacks through Europe". A slighly skewed version would take it's place.

Now that's enough boring background garbage, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. I've got my bike. I've got all my gear. What I don't have yet is arguably the most important items: Namely a passport, one-way air ticket to Copenhagen, and travel insurance.

I'll get into a more detailed description of the plans for my voyage later, the library is about to shut. See ya!

Welcome to my travel log

Hello everybody,

I decided upon much deliberation, to start a web log regarding my upcoming solo travel trough Europe by bicycle. When I outlay my plans to people, almost everyone I meet save a few close family members....

1. Have said outright they think I am nuts
2. Asked why I don't just buy a motorbike or scooter
3. Misunderstood and had to be told again. (eg: You're goiong to hire a bike in Amsterdam?)

The purpose of this site is both to keep track of my "planning the trip" process, and to convince the skeptics that the bicycle is indeed the superior form of travel when one wants to see the true culture and sights of the country they are travelling through.

Hope it keeps you interested!

Kyle Archer