Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Has he not gone-a beyond the hills

Recently, I have fallen into the ultimately unavoidable state of mind I hit when I have had my fill of a certain place, when the lustre of an unexplored and unknown city and culture have grown a little dull. I am aware of the beauty of the city, but still constantly, happily dream of the next suburb, city, country or continent I hope to visit. I have remained fairly anonymous within Wellington due to incessant saving for the next trip, but am still enjoying myself thoroughly. The classes I am taking are not helping my wanderlust abate, learning Spanish has been enjoyable, motivational and has been firing all sorts of images into my mind regarding the cultures of South America. Lord knows what I am going to do with my life in the long term, when three months at rest leave me climbing the walls in eagerness and anticipation to be off into the wilderness again, when every resting second of each day makes me think I could be putting it to better use, and every morning waking up to the silouette of my bicycle at my window before the morning sun makes me want to call my work and tell them I won't make it in today, or ever again for that matter, as I am too busy putting the limited time I have to better use! But of course, I am just a regular, ordinary person who must earn my keep, my rewards, and even a day back to the grind at work thinking about the next great adventure is a privelage I should be thankful to luck of birth for.

Is there anyone else out there in the same situation, thinking and feeling the same thing? Let me know. Does leaving for South America from New Zealand circa September by any means possible, be it yacht, container ship, paddle boat, hot air balloon or even the dreaded airliner and arriving possibly tired, malnourished and weatherbeaten, jumping on a bicycle and pedaling north appeal? I hope so, because it certainly gets my heart racing, the looming test of whether I can mentally and physically stand up to a task that isn't actually unique, that many, many miscreants have actually completed before me will hopefully prove or disprove my bravado and naivity and leave me a better person afterwards, regardless of the result. I could certainly use some improvement!