Sunday, 27 January 2008

Not the usual Australia Day

I had two choices today regarding today's schedule. I was planning to go for a ride, but there was a local rugby match with a few other Aussies playing at the local grounds. The weather was a bit cloudy in the morning, but I'm glad I went out on the bike. The weather cleared quickly, and it was the first time I'd seen the area in sunshine during the day for a long time.

I did about 50 miles around the Quantock area. To the west of Bridgwater the scenery is incredible, as you can see from some of these pics.

At the highest point in the hills, just before a big descent through heath and woodland on a difficult dry creek bed.

Typical view of the heathland.

Road heading up, up, up.

The dry creekbed I negotiated my heavy bike down and through.

Path along a ridge.

I joined these mountain bikers for an hour or so, and heard a child ask his father: "Why does that guy have to carry all the bags?" haha.

In the hills, scenery very much what I imagine Canada is like.

Autumnal colours on a (dead?) tree.

One of my sandals fell from my bike on a rough section of track. Backtracked a mile or so and thankfully found it.

Looking back along one of the many tracks heading up into the hills.

Looking out from Triscombe stone.

Tree on the way back to Bridgwater.

A great day was had by all (me). A couple of snags and a beer with mates on the beach back home would probably be the only thing topping it.

To see all the pics of the day, see here: Quantock Australia day pics

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Canal Towpath - Typical Winter weather

I had originally planned to ride to Lyme Regis this weekend, but typically atrocious weather told me otherwise. Instead I went for a 40 mile day ride to keep up the training. Most of the ride was along a canal, quite nice despite the rain and wind. I also found out my 'waterproof' jacket isn't up to the task.

My new bike is in getting a respray at the moment,it's going to be white - ready for me to plaster stickers all over it. The old bike (in the pics), the Trek 520, is still going strong.

Near Taunton, about 12 miles south of where I work.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

And one more thing...

Because it's a monumental time-waster, when I need to concentrate on more important things!

And more....

Been cycle-camping a bit more lately, including right in the middle of Cardiff as a precursor to my inevitable city-park camping later down the track!

Near Talybont court, Cardiff, if anyone's interested.

In the tent

Sunrise the next day

Back in Bridgwater - local park

The leadup.

The past few months have involved planning and training for the big event - ETA June. I have been optimising my gear to save weight, and having my bike resprayed white, ready for all the stickers to be put on.

Training in and around Somerset:

Near the Quatock Hills

At Work at Thorn Cycles

Training again

Typical Somerset winter landscape

In a muddy farmer's field (wrong turn)