I try to be as self-supported as possible when I am travelling, so I tend to have a sizeable amount of gear. Here is a basic list of the things I travel with, and where they go.


In terms of clothing, I use a variety of brands. A few that I have come to rely upon have been The North Face, Macpac, Kuhl and Columbia. I also tend to use a lot of casual-style clothing both on and off the bike, such as regular tees and non-technical garments. My waterproof is a Vaude eVent Jacket, I have a North Face windstopper, Icebreaker baselayers and a cheap fleece pullover. For colder weather I carry synthetic down jacket. I also have my trusty brimmed hat (indispensable).


I use a small-ish Black Diamond midrange pack for walking trips. I supplement the smaller bag space by carrying and additional shoulder/side bag and some army webbing. The rest of my gear a fasten to the outside of my pack.
I have tried many shoes. My first were my lighter-weight North Face Hedgehog walking/running shoes. The have served me well even on longer walks and cycling. Seemingly indestructable. A new pair of Vindicators will come with me on the Transamerica trip.
Bike trip Equipment
Bicycle: Steel-Framed 26inch bike similar to an early mountain bike.
Baggage: Two large waterproof Ortlieb panniers, with Black Diamond backpack bungee-tied to the back.

Rear Right: Food, Cooking equipment (Primus), fuel.

Rear Left: Clothes, Medicine+toiletries.

Front Rack: Handlebar Bag with personal things ie: Diary, electronics.  Sleeping bag and mat strapped to front rack.

Rear Rack: Tent, spare tyre, additional water if needed.