Friday, 19 February 2010

Day one of cycling was full of anticipation and excitement. I hadn´t thought of the pass. The first half of the day´s ride was nice, a decent road and all that stuff, but then came the incline. Bad fitness level + mountain pass + first day = unhappy cyclist. After an exhaution-nap, I struggled over the puny 500m pass. Scenery was nice, and I camped in some bushes next to the road just outside the hamlet of Tolhuin.

The following day was again nice for the first half, then it got old rather quickly. My tires were mostly flat, my pump broke, and I was not happy. I sprained my ankle in anger at the pump problem. Got over all that and after the distant memory of Tierra Del Fuego (not worth it!), relaxed in Punta Arenas.

More updates later! This is already really old news!! :)