Sunday, 20 January 2008

Canal Towpath - Typical Winter weather

I had originally planned to ride to Lyme Regis this weekend, but typically atrocious weather told me otherwise. Instead I went for a 40 mile day ride to keep up the training. Most of the ride was along a canal, quite nice despite the rain and wind. I also found out my 'waterproof' jacket isn't up to the task.

My new bike is in getting a respray at the moment,it's going to be white - ready for me to plaster stickers all over it. The old bike (in the pics), the Trek 520, is still going strong.

Near Taunton, about 12 miles south of where I work.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

Good to see you out and about again. I particularly like the pic in the field with the mist in the background. Would agree with you about facebook, ditch it. Good luck with the training you know I will be following along in thought.

Take Care
Nat :0)