Saturday, 17 March 2007

Progress so far...

The initial idea for a trip to Europe came to me about three years ago, as I wasted another day behind the counter at the video store I worked in. A fellow employee was reciting all sorts of stories and anecdotes regarding her travels throughout the world, and a flash of inspiration caught me. "Wait...I can do that!", and "Who needs University and a career! (just kidding)".

Well, since that life-changing moment, my plans have altered slightly. I no longer desired to do the traditional "Aussie backpacks through Europe". A slighly skewed version would take it's place.

Now that's enough boring background garbage, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. I've got my bike. I've got all my gear. What I don't have yet is arguably the most important items: Namely a passport, one-way air ticket to Copenhagen, and travel insurance.

I'll get into a more detailed description of the plans for my voyage later, the library is about to shut. See ya!


Lorraine A.. said...

Yay .. not to go now and I for one will be logging on regularly to share in your travels. (Just get that passport, will ya!!..:)

Lorraine A.. said...

ooops = not long TOO go :)