Sunday, 27 May 2007

Status Update

A lot has happened since the last time folks! I have been a member of a website called couchsurfing for a few weeks now, and through the website, I have met countless other travellers. Some are from Brisbane in between travels, but the majority are people from all over the world!

A fortnight ago there was a picnic/bbq at soutbank, where I met many people, one of which was Gionata Nencini, a man who has travelled all over the planet by motorcycle (he has a fantastic website: Gionata told me that he has just arrived in Brisbane, and is having a housewarming party for his new place.

Next up was Fenja, whom I showed around Brisbane, namely Southbank, West End and the City Gardens.

And today was Dayboro Day, a festival in country town I grew up in.

Good times had. Only a bit over a month and I'm off on my adventure! (visa pending)


lorraine a. said...

This all sounds great Kyle, I'm about to cook tea but I'll be back later to look up the websites. Dayboro Day, fascinating! How's the Visa going?

Kyle Archer said...

Well...I sent the application and that's about all the information I have at the moment! :)