Sunday, 22 June 2008

Not quite Midland monotony

After my continual sledging of her hometown of Leicester and the general regard of the Midlands of England as the pits, Rachel had had enough. Detemined to set the record straight before I forsake England, she insisted I visit that same night, after the London Bush protests. After a hour and a half train ride, we had to get from the station to her front door with one bicycle between the two of us and a large hill to start off with, exercise unwanted at 1:00am.

However, I lived to see another day, precisely, one filled with a guided tour of the Leicester highlights by two of the world's worst tourguides. The following day Rachel and I departed to the Liecestershire countryside for a quintessential day ride, a pleasant meander through fields and fords, complete with a picnic in a field of clovers. I felt like I was in England.


Anonymous said...

All the best with the second leg of your trip. The pic of the man walking his dog is another demonstration of you fantastic photograghy skills kyle. you should think about becoming a freelance photogragher, you sure do have the eye for it. More pics please.

Kyle Archer said...

Thanks Bryan, but there are some really amazing photographers out there that put me to shame!