Saturday, 29 August 2009

New gear and setup

I have been updating much of my gear that I haul around for lighter, more high-tech stuff. I have also been working hard to cut down on the amount of stuff I needlessly haul around and I have been able to get rid of the need for my front panniers. I will likely strap extra water to the front rack, for those long stretches of desolate road in South America.

Everything I will take to the Americas for over a year


carmen traisnel said...

dear kyle,

i've been checking your blog since we met in belgium some time ago on the beginning of your japan-adventure.
good to see you're going on another adventure. let's hope you do not get run over by any type of vehicle this time. the americas, that sounds interesting. i've seen the video of that guy on his tandem, but i see you're doing it on a normal bike. hope you'll have a good time and meet intersting people.

here in diksmuide, belgium, everything has changed. stephen and i have recently become parents. our baby boy oscar is three weeks old and i must admit, he is gorgeous (that is my humble opinion)
quite the full time job, beeing a parent, no travelling for us in the next months...

hope to meet you in the future sometime,

carmen and stephen

fotos of our oscar on (in case you want to have a look)

denim said...

You have amazing minimalisation skills Kyle .. it's gonna be a great trip .. *hugs*

Jean-Marc Knoll said...

Damn! He writes again! Make it happen more often sunshine, and swing by London to visit us at our new flat. :)