Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Crazy News

Two really cool things have happened to me recently, one is I managed to land a job at the greatest touring bike store in the world, Thorn Cycles Ltd, in Bridgwater. Really cool.

Secondly, Alastair Humphreys has kindly donated the bicycle HE used to cycle around the world to me. I was looking for the exact same model as the one he used, and half-jokingly sent him a message asking if he'd sell it. He went one better and offered it to me! Maybe this bike will see two round-the-world trips?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

Excellent news on the job and bike, I am really excited for you what a score, what does your new job entail? Alexander must be a way cool guy.

Take care
Nat :0)

Anonymous said...

Opps Alastair, assignment brain talking