Saturday, 6 October 2007

London to Bath

I am going to be updating this site less frequently, but I won't abandon it completely. It takes up a lot of free time off the bike to be constantly updating this internet bizzo.

I left London after failing to find a job, so I kept riding west, this time with Gonz, a cyclist from Mexico. The English countryside has surpassed my expectations, from what I was hearing frok fellow travellers and locals it was a place of doom and gloom. Not so at all.

A beer before leaving

Cycling out of London (it went on forever)

View from our first camp (next to a highway!)

Second night's camp on a farm (with permission)

English Manor

(A) White Horse carved into the hillside

Cycling onto Bath

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vive le velo said...

Hey, that looks like the White Horse near Devizes!