Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The London Freewheel Event

Whilst loitering in London, I noticed a sign for the London Freewheel, whatever that was. Upon further investigation, it turned out that it was a 30 000+ strong mass cycle ride through central London. I quickly signed up to be a mashal for the event, even though I knew/know nothing about London's street system.

It was a marvellous day, lots of bikes, (Malik was still the most impressive). Gonzalos, the dude I'm cycling with also signed up for 'Marshal' status. Hey, it got us a free lunch and an feeling of superiority, like a mall cop with a power trip, except we had no power.

Here's some pics


Experienced cyclists (yellow vest) leading rookies (red vest) to main venue

Experienced Cyclist

Wind in my hair


Dr. Gonzo (can I call you that?) in photo mode

Continuing the loop

The BBC next to 'an experienced cyclist'

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rambling Man,

How goes it? You in Scotland yet?
Still staying up late and doing assignments which are driving me mad, not long now.

Have a real pint for me and take care. PS good work on the free food LOL

Nat :0)