Monday, 17 September 2007


I had a haircut, and Steve (cycle partner in Germany), whom I am staying with, gave me a new shirt. London is cool, very expensive place though. Except for accomodation, because it's free for me, ha ha backpackers.

I'm getting a new bike, but Malik isn't going into retirement yet. I still need to find a job, and
even then I'll won't sell it. It will be shipped back home. It has sentimental value you see.


DAD said...


youngred said...

You made it!!! WOW what an adventure you have had. New haircut, new possibilities........(nice cut by the way).

denim said...

Looking good:) I didn't recognise you at first, I thought you were your host Steve ..:)

Anonymous said...

nice haircut but hey real worldtravellers don't buy a new bike..........keep on going with your old one, it's getting you there!

Anonymous said...

that was a wild ride the hair-cut..:)LONG LIVE MALIK!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

You made it to the UK, excellent job, what an adventure.
Yep I liked Amsterdam (Holland) too, flowers, clogs, museums and weed, what a combo (LOL).
Good job on the acc in England, the whole of Europe is an expensive place to be if you aren't earning pounds, work hard on the job so you don't have to stress!!
You definitely look like a seasoned cyclist now, don't give it up, England is a great place to ride around, especially out in the country on their hedged roads and there is always a pub handy to refuel at.
Be good and look after yourself.
Nat :0)