Saturday, 8 September 2007

Easy rider

At a campsite in Houffalize (17km north of Bastogne), I met a two bikers - Bas and Will, riding a pair of awesome trikes. Upon heeding my fascination with these machines, and after hearing me whinge about the hard, boring scenery, they offered me and the bike a lift to Arnhem. How could I resist? It saves me money, sanity, and gives me the chance to spend a few more days in Amsrterdam. Their generosity was amazing, they even shouted me lunch!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle, it was great meeting you. We told our boys about your adventure and they were both properly impressed :-)
Our own shower and bed didn't let us's good to be back home.
Hope all your plans live up to your expectations. And if you ever come up north in Holland....the offer still stands.
Bas and Wil

youngred said...

Awesome K, what a great experience. Sounds like there is no end of hospitality. But then again who could resist you and your beautiful face. Miss you heaps. N.

denim said...

Cool looking transport and what a ride:) Arnhem?, now I have to look up Arnhem, lol :) *hugs*

DAD said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

Very cool. I like the video clips. You are looking more and more like a well seasoned traveller as you go along, all that bike riding agrees with you, or could it be the scenery?

Keep having fun, although I know there is no need to tell you.

Catch you later
Nat :0)

Anonymous said...

looks like a lot of fun hard work..:)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle, looks like your having a great time, especially with the European woman. Meeow.

Great to see your having fun, and the website updates are priceless. Your comedy could use a little work

Stay safe bud.

Karl :)