Monday, 17 March 2008

My plans - Set in stone

An update is in order: I am in London, a good place to sort out all things adventure. I have visited Stanfords for their maps, Covent Garden for it's equipment shops, and Regents Park for it's silence - perfect for dreaming up plans and plotting on maps.

I will be leaving to begin my expedition on July 10th, I simply can't justify being stagnant too any longer than this date. It will give me (hopefully) about £6000 all up to have at my disposal - to last me 2-3 years.

But even after a few days working at The North Face, I have the urge to travel. Most of my colleagues are international travelers or students, and each one has a great story to tell. However, to my embarrassment, they can't get enough of my own trip!


Anonymous said...

it's all sounding good. Love the pic.

Anonymous said...

hmm, that was "denim" ..:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Vato, what's cracking?