Friday, 7 March 2008

Semi-homeless in Bristol

I'm heading back towards London over the next few days, at the moment I'm in Bristol and I've never felt happier. It has been liberating getting away from my sedentary life in Bridgwater, and I'm looking forward to seeing my old mates back at the Nevill in Hackney.

In Bristol

Looking forward to the road ahead


June said...

cool pics.. notably first one.
and the trip is really something to be appreciated.. bravo.

Kyle Archer said...


Oscar said...

hey dude, just saw ur message from couchsurf, u can stay in london and search for some rickshaws in soho, i used to work for a company called bug bus, and used to make good money, saved enough for a trip london budapest with my bike, some bits of poland and gave me enough to live looong days, in cs u can find me as libelula, im oscar by the way, also no need to find accommodation in london, as all rickshaw riders (or almost all) live in squats

Biking Duluth said...

How do you like the ergo-grips? I'm looking for some real firs-hand advice on them.
Props on the trip!