Sunday, 12 August 2007

Too much lean on that...

Arriving at Pisa

Broken Malik (now fixed)

Sunset in Pisa

Have a guess what this is

When my Belgian biking mates finally made it to Pisa we thought our troubles were over, nay, they had only begun. OK, it wasnt that big of a deal, but I had a hefty crash and destroyed yet another front wheel. Pisa was nice, by the way. The computer I am using won't upload my photos, so you'll just have to wait a little while before you see what I see.



denim a said...

Hurry (:P), what's goin on? Where's these photos? Stop teasing and find a computer that works.. Are you still in Nice? Oh and bummer again about your front wheel. xx

John said...

Hey Kyle,

sounds like you're having a pretty awesome trip. What kind of distance are you making each day, I read somewhere that you often cover 100km by lunch, which is pretty far man, like far out far. Also, how far have you gone in total now?

Your writing style seems to change sometimes in different blogs. I find mine does too and that often it reflects what book I'm reading. Is it the same for you?

Enjoy the wine and hot chocolates (best in the world) and slow down.

Anonymous said...

I didn't thought that you may go to Padua! I have a friend there, you could have call him and may be stay in his home, but it's too late now... I'm sorry!!!!!

Ciao bambino!


young red said...

Hi K, how long are you in Tuscany for?? lets know what you have been doing there......another wheel!!! are you kidding, whats up with that??

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle

We found ya!!!!
So you had another crash?! No way.
We missed you in Monte di Fo, you didn't show up for the directions?!?! Where were you.
And more important, where are you now?
We are back home, I have to go to work 2morrow.
Hope to hear from you whenever you're near amsterdam! Again you are welcome to stay.
Tess and Nicole