Monday, 23 July 2007

Berlin or Bust

Hello from the great divide of the East and West!

I've been in Berlin for two and a half days now, it's a rocking city with great sights and nightlife. You've more than likely seen photos very similar to the ones I've posted below, as they are major tourist attractions, and heavily photographed. But you see, mine have a certain something to them that makes them slightly better than all the rest. No, thats bollocks, but enjoy them all the same.

Branderburger Tor on the border between East and West Berlin

Branderburger Tor looking to the west

The Reichstag (Parliament)

Jamie Oliver. No it's just my mate Alisdair who bears an uncanny resemblance.

I presume this is Otto Von Bismarck

Big spire before Branderburger Tor (forgot its name)

Absolutely enormous Russian Embassy

Soviet War moument

Malik and the Author at Checkpoint Charlie

Thats about it for now, I'll post some pictures of Prague and the countryside, and maybe a video report of my trip so far sometime in the near future.



young red said...

Your photos are great.... I do love the t-shirt tan, beautiful.

denim a said...

No! - never seen photos of those places, very nice. I love checkpoint Charlie .. Malik and you are holding up very well indeed!! I look forward to seeing more of your trip.

Kyle Archer said...

thanks chaps

uncl_g said...

these photos are awesome that a beard you're growing..:)