Thursday, 26 July 2007

Fairytale land

Honestly, everything you have heard about Prague and the Czech Republic is true. The buildings are incredible, the women are all models and the beer is cheap, tasty and free flowing. I will be staying awhile here for sure.

Astronomical clock

The above two photos are of the same street taken from different ends, just awesome scenery.

But it hasn't all been spring chicken. I was in the hostel bar having a few brews, when I slammed the glass into my mouth for some inexplicable reason. A large part of my front tooth had been smashed off and I looked like hillbilly bob. Rather than panic, I booked a eastern european dentist for the next day, and had it capped. Not only did they do a bang-up job, it was cheap ($80) and my teeth actually look better than before.

I was also stopped by the local police for some reason and taken to the watchouse where they checked my passport about 100 times. I think that I'm not allowed to ride in the city centre. I don't think my irrational, erratic style of riding helped the matter either. Luckily I'm a friendly chap, and I befriended the cops, and they gave me a couple more stickers to slap on the bike! (no fine)

Nothing else to report, except now I've decided to go through the Alps in Austria and Italy and head along the Meditteranean to Valencia in Spain.


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denim a said...

Sounds just wonderful Kyle. Emails on the way:)