Monday, 9 July 2007

Ride from Roskilde

"Denmark is great for riding" they said.
"It's a breeze!"

Oh it's a breeze alright. A 1000 km/h (approx) one heading straight into your face! I rode with James, another cyclist to Roskilde, where he had a ticket to the festival and I did not.


As there was nowhere to stay due to the thousands of people booked into all the hostels, we stealth camped in a small thicket not too far from town. It wasn't too bad actually.
We camped just behind me in the bushes

The ride from Roskilde to Vordingborg (90km) was a hard one (read first paragraph) and I arrived there absolutely exhausted. Upon finding a hostel, I had some small dinner, and hit the sack.
Typical Danish countryside

Vordingborg Hostel

I'm fine, but I hope the riding gets better soon!

Kyle Out.


Ethan said...

Hey Kil,

Looks like you are having fun. I like your pictures. I saw Transformers on the holidays and it was the best movie I have ever seen. School holidays are over now, wish I was you, on one big holiday.

The Grabs said...

A 1000km/h wind heading straight for your mush... hmmmm
And you wanted me to join you on this adventure, just imagine how I would cope with those conditions :s

Good to see you are getting in touch with the countryside by camping in it... who needs hostels haha.

Let me know when you have tried some local ale ;)

Dad said...

It was great to hear from you today Kyle, I wish we could have talked longer. Will be in touch soon. Love ya:) .. Dad

unc_g said...

denmark looks like nz, bike looks good, wish i was there, in a car..:)

wiles9 said...

Hey mate, glad uve got some cycling under your belt now!!! Ull have caught ang and mes count in no time at all!!!!

How u finding the bike??

Also, how come ur wearing a caving helmet?? Or should i look closer??

Kyle Archer said...

Hehe, the caving/mountain climbing helmet...source of so many questions :) Yep, I don't really know why I have it, I just like the oddness of it all...