Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Tomorrow, when the ride begins...

At long last, the time has finally come to stop talking and start doing! Put my money where my mouth is! Turn words into actions! etc; etc;

Now enough cliches, I'm heading off to Copenhagen tomorrow for the start of my Copenhagen - London - Brisbane 5 year (approx) world bicycle tour. I'll spend 3 months in Europe riding neither here nor there, then work in the U.K for a while, earning some nice shiny pounds sterling. Then I will be doing the big one - London to Melbourne.

Just one more 'sleep' before the big day, but I'm telling you now, I won't be getting any! (Sleep that is) I still have this gut feeling I am missing something really important, but I am going to Europe, so I'll be able to buy anything I left behind.

As, relatives of mine will know all too well, I am incredibly forgetful at the best of times.

Thanks again, and wish me luck. And if anyone wants to join me for all or part of the trip, your are welcome to!!

Kyle Archer


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle - stopping by to wish you well. I heard about your trip through my LJ friend Den_Lace...you know her a little dontcha? LOL! I'll be following along with you - and we're all sending you our support and hugs. Wishing you varied, safe and wonderful adventures. :)

McGook (Terry)

Kyle Archer said...

Thanks, Terry!