Saturday, 7 July 2007

OK, finally back on my feet. I mean pedals.

All is right with the world, as I picked up my bicycle and luggage from the airort today. Feels good not to be walking everywhere, nuts to that!

Copenhagen Airport

Bridge in Copenhagen

Bike in bits at the airport after I retrieved it!

Anne´s Street

Lovely little Church on the way to Anne's House

I have been staying at a very nice apartment north of Copenhagen with the lovely Anne-Katrine, a couchsurfer. She has been very helpful and such a wonderful host, that rescued me when I was in need!

I hope to cycle out of Copenhagen tomorrow, passing Roskilde and making in to the other end of the island of Zealand.


denim said...

So good to be in touch by email; I heard you phoned last night too, great; looking forward to the next installment ..:)

Emma said...

Hey Kyle! Thought I'd check in and see how you're doing. I'm glad you got your luggage, it would suck setting out on a big bike trip without the bike. When I was in NY they lost my luggage for about a week, I can imagine the anxiety I was feeling then would've been about 50 times worse for you.

I'm out of Video Ezy!! Last shift was Friday night and I'm feeling fantastic. Now I'm a hired goon with GE Money. Start Monday.

Best wishes!!

The Grabs said...

Howdy brother,

I'm tippin it is a relief to finally be out of Brisbane (Toilet town)!

Good to see your updating the site with snaps.

Have you got global roaming on your phone?

All the best for leg 1 of the journey bro!


Kyle Archer said...

Hi Emma!

Glad you're out of the Video store, that place is a dead end! Hired Goon. I like the sound of that!

Kyle Archer said...

Sorry Grabs, but an international phone I do not have. Thanks bro!

Milly said...

Hi! your photos are so gorgeous im so jealous! I hope your having fun over there!

stay safe

Kyle Archer said...

That part of the trip, at the moment, is so very far away...