Thursday, 12 July 2007

Here's the pics and updates

On the Road from Maribo

The biggest mountain in Denmark, Mt. Hillock

Youth Hostel in Vordingborg

Ferry to Jutland


denim a said...

They really call 'that' a hill? -amazing, the countryside looks quite pretty, well when it's not raining:)

unc_g said...

love the photo's k, keep em coming..:)i take it denmark is flat..:)if that's the typical meal there must be a lot of fat danes..;)

Kyle Archer said...

Its a joke, Denim, hehe.

unc g, thats a typical meal for ME not danes....

Jens (Hamburg Hosteller) said...

Hey Kyle!
How's it going?
Been to prague yet?

Greetz from Germany