Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Place of a thousand landscape paintings

The photos of the area around Dresden to Prague simply do not do it justice. There would be more photos if only my camera hadn't gone dead. I caught a incredibly slow train across the German/Czech border, similar to the 1800's one below, possible the most inefficient machine ever concieved. It was an cool experience nonetheless.

I had a rest at a town called Bad Schandau right near the border, and crossed into the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). I also bought and fitted a 'girly-basket' (as Alisdair calls it) to my bike. You'll see it in the pics. It's pretty girly, but functional.

Similar train to the one I had the pleasure of riding

Bad Schandau, on the river near the Czech Border

Snippet of the awesome scenery

One of the many hilltop castles and fortifications

Ducks on the river


Liam guy said...

G'day there Kyle, thought I'd come and check out your travel blogs... looks like you're having an excellent time while the rest of us n00bs are stuck here in Oz, haha.

But good on you man. Have fun in Europe, have a fucking good time, party hard and get some birds in the sack ;) German chicks love Aussies, so I've heard.

Oh yeah, and I've stopped writing comics. I'm now doing music journalism. I think I once showed you my zine when you were still in Oz, I don't remember.

Cheers dude, have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Good to see things are going well. You're a fucken nutter! HAHA. Your old girl put me onto the site because I forgot the URL you gave me on Dayboro Day. As Liam said, give some of those crazy Germans some lovin' for me! Have to catch up for beers when you're back!

-James Ellis

uncl_g said...

great scenery kyle. is that rugby union headgear on your noggin?..;)

James Ellis said...

Oh yeah, now that you've got the girly basket the only thing missing is one of those triangular flags and a piece of cardboard running over the spokes held on by a clothes peg. THEN you'll be set!

Kyle Archer said...

Ive been looking for those things to complete my girly-bike image. he card in the spokes is an ace idea.

As for the rugby headgear, nope, its a genuine East German (Soviet) tank commanders helmet.

As for the birds in the sack, its more like a smelly sleeping bag rather than sack, haha.