Tuesday, 31 July 2007

"It could only happen to that dork"

Here's another one of my 'yeah right' stories. Early in the morning I went roving thorough Vienna on my push-bike, only to discover when I returned to the hostel, to my utmost horror, that my room key and dummy wallet were missing. I recoiled violently upon learning that the lost key fee was $60AUS.

With the utmost haste I set off, retracing my steps though this most labyrinthine of cities. When I neared the police station I passed on my earlier jaunt, I enquired as to whether anyone had handed them in. Here's where the plot thickens, and you may struggle to believe me.

My keys and dummy wallet were pickpocketed from my person, but another bystander apparently witnessed this action. He called after me, but I was well off on the bicycle. He summmoned the nearest policeman, who promtly chased down and arrested the pickpocket, and found my lost keys. I just happened to return to the right police station, and quote the number on my keys, ending my dilemma.


(Well, this is what I could make out what happened, as my grasp of the German and german/english languages is quite poor.)

Random Streetcorner

Road Bridge near town centre

Stephansdom, the most incredible church

Stephansdom outside

The mighty Goethe

Typical Viennese vista

Cafe Central, a historic coffeehouse where I had my (expensive) lunch

A clever man commits no minor blunders.

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uncl_g said...

looks beautiful kyle,love that cafe, imagine the family having a celebration in there, i'd be too scared to fart..:)